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At Zeta Labs, we are dedicated to the art of possibility and the pursuit of significance.

In an era brimming with distractions, our mission is to develop technologies that clear the path for humanity to engage with what truly matters.

What we’re building

We are starting with autonomous agents capable of performing
browser-based tasks efficiently.

Those agents will form the foundation of a technology designed to liberate humans from unnecessary work, streamline tasks, and enhance our experience.

Our team

We are a lean team of 9 engineers and one operations expert, with experience from leading tech companies like Meta AI, Google, Amazon, and Tesla. Our team also includes founding engineers of European unicorns and serial founders, collectively driving innovation and delivering exceptional results.

We’re hiring

We're looking for fast, entrepreneurial self-managers who want to eliminate distractions and help humanity focus on meaningful pursuits.
If that sounds like you and you enjoy deep, meaningful work, email us at careers@zetalabs.ai.
Looking forward to hearing from you!


If you want to speak to us, please join our Discord.
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